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TECNO LOGISTI-K S.A. is a private company with totally national capitals, dedicated to the provision of Engineering and Consulting services; founded in 1997 and established from the beginning as a public limited company. Our work philosophy is based on professionalism, quality, seriousness and responsibility, manifested in each and every one of the stages of realization of the projects that we carry out.

Since our inception we have a strong commitment to the most demanding Quality Policies, Continuous Improvement, Safety Policies, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, which have been the pillars of our actions. We currently have technical offices in the cities of Campana and Zárate, the administration, as well as the workshops are located in the city of Campana, all locations in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


"Provide engineering services, management of works, of excellence that exceed the expectations of our clients and maximize the welfare of the workers within a business philosophy that promotes the development of society and the conservation of the environment."


"To be a consolidated company with recognized prestige in the provision of services, with a technically competent, trained, motivated and committed human team, using technologically advanced tools."


  • Promote personal and professional development.
  • Improve coordination of resources.
  • Guarantee the quality of the service.
  • Promote collaborative relationships externally, with society and the company.
  • Improve the organization of resources in general, to have a control that allows a better management of them.
  • Improve the organization of documentation to have better control over it, and to improve its management.

  • Find and implement management support tools.
  • Encourage the participation and collaboration of staff in activities related to management.
  • Improve internal communication.
  • Commitment to the safety of people, to caring for the environment and to the development of communities.
  • Development of human resources and construction of knowledge.
  • Transparency and professionalism in management.

Work Management

Tecno Logisti-K SA has its own staff and part-time staff to provide professional and permanent technical assistance, guaranteeing availability according to the variations of the clients' workload.

Engineering projects

Our Projects cover the following industries: Food I Steel I Metallurgy I Petroleum I Petrochemical I Recycling Biochemistry I Paper and Cellulose I Thermomechanics I Plastic I Construction I Pharmaceutical Agrochemical I Tobacco I Ports I Pneumatic I Mining I Pharmaceutical I Rural

Investigation and development

In our developments, we are motivated by the fact that 1 KW / h produced with clean energy will be 1 KW / h not consumed in non-renewable energies from fossil fuels (hydrocarbons).

Clean and Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency

The purpose of Tecno Logisti-K SA is to work with these sustainable energy and energy efficiency projects, to achieve greater conservation of natural resources (hydrocarbons).

Drone Surveys - Field Engineering

Our most important use and Applications are: Surveys with 3D images, agriculture, mining, volume calculations, emergency, security, Inspection, work progress, planimetry, topography, geo-located aerial photographs, environmental monitoring, real estate, educational etc.

Corporate social responsibility

In the evolution of society, and our growth as a company, we have been changing the concepts, where philanthropy has given way to corporate social responsibility.

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